Who's Your Bubba Book Cover

Endorsements on Bubba by a few friends
(Taken from the back cover of book.)



Chuck Norris
six-time world middleweight martial arts champion, actor, dad, husband

"T. Bubba Bechtol is a very funny man that anyone of any age, religion, or nationality will enjoy because he doesn't resort to profanity or vulgar references to be side-splitting funny!
He is my favorite comedian."

Whisperin' Bill Anderson
Grand Ole Opry,
Country Music Hall of Fame

"Pound for pound, T. Bubba Bechtol is the funniest man I have ever listened to. If you don't believe me, ask the people who roll in the aisles when he makes guest appearances on the Grand Ole Opry. I might whisper, but when Bubba takes the stage, I laugh louder than anybody!!"

Bob Eubanks
The Newlywed Game,
$25,000 Game Show

"I worked with T. Bubba for a year, doing a live show, and let me tell you, he's got a funny way of looking at life!"

Wayne LaPierre
National Rifle Association,
Executive Vice President

"We bring Bubba back to our big NRA conventions year after year - More than any other performer. I trust him and our members love him because he's current, clean, and absolutely hilarious."

Jeff Cook
Country Music Hall of Fame,

"T. Bubba is a funny man...because he's real and has a unique way of telling you about real people and things."

Steve Enoch
former manager Lewis Grizzard Enterprises, Atlanta, GA

"T. Bubba is quick, witty, and doesn't sweat much for a fat boy!"

Al "Alabubba" Walker
past President of the National Speakers Association

"If you want to laugh yourself silly, you've got to read Who's Your Bubba? It will make you throw your head back, slap your knee and say...'ain't that the truth!' You'll read it over and over again. Laughter really is the best medicine and this book will give you an overdose."