In Bubba's comedian career he has made many wonderful friends.
Let Bubba introduce them to you.

Megan Alexander and the great Ray Stevens at the Comedian of the Year award 2015. They were the host. I won it again the next year!!


Bubba and Johnny Miller

T. Bubba explaining to Johnny Miller how to play the game !!

He was a wonderful friend and we had fun telling stories.

Bubba and Joe Nichols

In Sweet Home Oregon with Joe Nichols at their Country Music Festival.  Hosted it for four days, had a ball.!!

Bubba and Trick Pony 2

Doing a show with Trick Pony !  Heidi actually moved close by to Ft.Walton Beach shortly afterwards.  Great group.

Bubba and Joe Diffie

Me and the great Joe Diffie.  He was good to me, we did several shows together. I had a bad day when he died!  

Bubba at Redneck Parade

T. Bubba in the first Redneck Christmas Parade in Jay, Florida.

We made CNN and FOX news that night!  Bubba Claus is a great character that I invented in 2002.  I love to do him for about two months year...I have a Children's Book in the making on Bubba Claus.

Bubba on Grand Ole Opry

This is my official debut photo on the Grand Ole Opry many years ago.  I was a regular on the GOO for 20 years and did over 300 Shows on that great stage.


T.Bubba at the "Artist Entrance" to the grand stage at the Grand Ole Opry.  January 2008

Bubba and New Faces

T. Bubba and the "new faces" of Country Music. Several went on to do very well !!