A Few Comments

Bubba's Comments on a Few Things


Bubba's Comments

On Bill Clinton:

“He was no Bubba. Clinton jogged. He paid $200 for a haircut. He showed up at the White House with a cat. Bubba don’t do that.”.

On Ronald Reagan:

“Now Reagan was a Bubba. When Moammar Khaddafi got out of hand, he didn’t just bomb his airbase. He bombed his house.” “We ain’t heard nothing more from Momar since that day!”

On Diets:

“The doctor put me on a diet two months ago. It didn’t have much food in it, so I had to go on two diets to get enough to eat.”

On sushi:

“I like my sushi fried!”

On ACC & SEC Football:

“People say football is a religion here. Naw, it’s way more important than that.”

On Exercise:

“I jogged once. April 4, 1984. Jogged a half-mile, it was the worst three hours of my life.”

On Political Correctness:

“PC is choking me to death. I went to the beach last week and stepped on a
Portuguese Person-O-War.”